Waterproof Fire Starter – Summer Orange Blend

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Our proprietary Summer Orange Blend is designed thicker specifically for warmer temperatures, but no matter if the weather is hot, cold, wet, or windy, you can easily light it up with Pyro Putty! You can make a 4 to 6 inch flame with just one nickel size piece of putty and it will burn 6 to 10 minutes. Because you are using just nickel size amounts at a time, one .5 oz can of putty can can last you up to 20 fires!

On top of its primary use for easily making a fire, Pyro Putty has other unique uses as well. You can expose Pyro Putty to UV light to make it glow in the dark and mark trails. And, because it is waterproof, you can rub it on a tent to repair leaks or your shoes to help waterproof them!

Pyro Putty is a necessity for anyone and everyone! Life is unpredictable, so be prepared with Pyro Putty!


Key Features:
– Lightweight fire-starter: The size of a nickel will burn for 6 to 10 minutes producing a 4-6 inch flame
– Waterproof: Can be used for waterproofing repairs
– Easy to use/Easy to light
– Glow in the dark: great for starting fires at night or marking trails
– Multi-fire Fire starter: Build up to 20 fires with ONE .5 oz can!

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