Retactable Keychain Single or 4 Pack (HIGH QUALITY)

Quantity: Single


The Premium Carabiner Badge Reel is World Renowned for its high quality, durability and charming appearance. Rated for 100,000 pulls, these feature a carabiner clip that latches on to belt loops, backpacks, purse straps, lanyards, aprons, bag handles and more. If you can find a loop to latch it to, this carabiner reel will work perfectly and last a long time. Smooth and quiet pull compared to most other badge reels.

The retractable oval shaped d-ring badge reel gives you an arm's length reach of 34 inches in any direction and features a hard-plastic encasing with a metal lining that helps shield it from cracking. Ideal for servers (waiter or waitress) or bartenders having to swipe a POS access card to a computer terminal to place food orders, business manager, security or employee who use an access key card for check in, a nurse who needs swipe access for medical computer use, the college student who uses an access card for entrance and food privilege on college school campuses, housekeeping staff and maintenance workers holding keys and a door entrance key card. Also, reliable and convenient for travel and leisure activities. Great for holding your key fob, metrocard to catch the bus or to have on a cruise for your sail and sign cards.

This handy and cute reel extender is durable and the perfect time saver accessory for easy reach. Simply attach the carabiner to your backpack and make it easy and accessible for quick entrance or use to the gym, library or even entrance to retirement facility. They make great gifts for your staff employees or just to be stylish to color coordinate your many badges. 

  • HEAVY DUTY & DURABLE - Retractable carabiner badge reel (Diameter of 1 - 1/4") with nylon cord length of 34" with smooth pulling extension in any direction
  • HIGH QUALITY - Top manufacturer - Rated for 100,000 pulls
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE - Carabiner attachment clips secure to belt loop, purse strap, apron, backpack, bag, lanyard, ski jacket, keychain and more 

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