12-Volt Adapter Plug Socket With 12-Foot Extension Cord



Made with heavy duty 16AWG wire, 12V accessories significantly outperform the competition. Transfer more power safely and efficiently. 

The 12-volt adapter plug socket extension cable extends the reach of your favorite 12-volt devices by an additional 12-feet. Features inline fused connection to prevent dangerous short circuits, water resistant cap to protect the 12-volt female socket from the elements, and a LED indicator to show when your 12-volt socket is active. Made from a high-conductivity 100-percent copper wire and a rated capacity of 15-amperes. Molded strain reliefs provide additional support against unwanted tension on the cable connections. Perfect for your favorite 12-volt devices, like a tire inflator, cooler, vacuum, heated blanket, fan, power inverters, coffee maker and more.

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